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Catholic Social Teaching

Caritas PNG upholds nine (9) values based on Catholic Social Teachings and Principles to guide its work throughout Papua New Guinea. These values are outlined below.
Human Dignity - Edited.png
Distributive Justice - Edited.png
Subsidiarity2 - Edited (2).png
Promoting Peace - Edited.png
Participation - Edited.png
Pref Opt for the Poor - Edited.png
Common Good - Edited.png
Solidarity - Edited.png
Human Dignity

We believe that every human being is created in the image and likeness of God. This means that each one is special and should be respected.

Distributive Justice

Basic services and opportunities should be spread out proportionately through all our communities.  


Everyone, including those who are marginalised, should have their abilities recognised and be given the opportunity to use them.

Promoting Peace

All humans are entitled to live life free of conflict of any kind, including wars, violence, oppression and injustice.


Everyone should be given the chance and space to part-take in activities and opportunities

Preferential Option for the Poor

We should always strive to prioritise those who are marginalised or excluded.

Common Good

We must ensure that all that the work we do is done for the benefit of all. 


We recognise others as our brothers and sisters and stand together as one.


We all share the responsibility of looking after the earth and all creation.

Stewardship - Edited.png
Huma Dignity
Distibutive Justice
Promoting Peace
Preferential Option for the Poor
Common Good
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