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Caritas PNG reflects on NGE 2022

Updated: Sep 1, 2022

Caritas Papua New Guinea (CPNG) has been a major partner of the Papua New Guinea Electoral Commissions (PNGEC) in the past National General Elections.

In the 2022 National General Election, Caritas PNG partnered with PNGEC in rolling out nationwide voter education awareness.

CPNG Director Ms. Mavis Tito said the intention of the program was to educate people and prepare them so that they can make informed choices for themselves. She said Caritas PNG has representatives in all provinces who went out and did their part so that all could contribute to a free, fair, and safe election.

However, their efforts were shunned when violence and unruly behavior erupted during the counting stages in different areas such as Markham, Morobe, and recently in Mendi, Southern Highlands, where many properties were destroyed and many ordinary citizens lost their lives.

“Caritas PNG officers around the country have done their part by educating citizens on what to do, what to look for, and make the right choices during polling.”Mavis Tito, Director of Caritas PNG said,

“But it was the candidates who contested the elections who derailed our objective. Our entire objective was to see that we hold a free, fair, and safe election process,” she added.

Caritas PNG, which is the justice, peace, relief, and Development Agency of the Catholic Bishops Conference of Papua New Guinea and the Solomon Islands, will be facilitating four regional forums in the next two months to seek the view of citizens.

Caritas PNG is now making an open call on every concerned citizen to attend these forums and express their views.

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