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Male SARV Advocacy Making Impact

TV feature from the "Scope" program on TVWAN (originally aired on May 8, 2023). After the 5-day awareness on Sorcery Accusation Related Violence in Monokam of Kompiam-Ambum District, Enga Province, members of group ‘Disciples’ surrendered marijuana plants, a home-made gun and a crowbar, to Enga Rural Police Command to illustrate a change in behavior.

The awareness program was a follow-up on the torture of nine women in Lakolam village in September 2022 after the sudden death of the owner of Mapai trucking company, late Jacob Luke.

As part of the program, the community witnessed the burning of Marijuana, and a huge metal cross was erected in the heart of the Monokam community to mark peace and commitment to a new call rooted in the Christian faith. Segment starts at 10:15. Click here to view original source video.

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