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Caritas PNG pledges K20,000 for Ukrainian refugees

Updated: Aug 24, 2022

By Abigail Seta (originally published on the CBCPNGSI website on Mar 20, 2022. Phto Courtesy of CBCPNGSI.

Port Moresby: Caritas Papua New Guinea (CPNG) has pledged K20,000 in response to the launch of a three-month emergency rapid response by Caritas Internationalis to support the needs of refugees fleeing the conflict in Ukraine. Caritas Internationalis, the umbrella body of all Caritas member organizations globally, launched the emergency appeal upon the request of and on behalf of Caritas Poland as Ukrainians continue to flee in increasing numbers to neighbouring countries. According to Director of CPNG, Mavis Tito, the pledge by CPNG is one of over 5,000 pledges received so far worldwide and has extended an invitation to the public and individuals who would like to contribute to this cause. In a statement on the Caritas Internationalis situation report, on Wednesday, 16th March, presented by Ms Tito, civilians are increasingly becoming targets as the conflict expands across Ukraine. “Homes, schools, hospitals and other critical infrastructure have been hit by military attacks across Ukraine. Large scale evacuations are still taking place; however, they remain extremely dangerous with scores of buses having to be turned back over the course of the last few days,” she stated. Ms Tito added that the humanitarian situation in the city of Mariupol remains dire with little access to basic goods, like food, water and medicine. “On Monday, 14th March, a convoy of about 160 cars, which was a humanitarian convoy heading to Mariupol was halted due to continuous shelling, preventing around 100 tons of urgently needed relief supplies from reaching people in desperate need of food, water and medicines,” she said. The CPNG Director also highlighted the response on the ground by Caritas Ukraine where they have assisted over 141,693 persons and are providing housing and shelter, food and non-food items, humanitarian supplies and logistics and protection. “One major concern are children becoming separated from their parents as they flee, and girls and women who are likely to experience some forms of abuse in such situations. Caritas is also providing support in that area,” said Ms Tito. There have also been other response efforts within Ukraine including by the Catholic Church, civil society organizations and the Red Cross. From outside of Ukraine, the residents of Poland have opened their homes to refugees. The Catholic Bishops Conference of Papua New Guinea and Solomon Islands recently contributed to relief efforts through the Archdiocese of Lviv in Ukraine. CPNG is a member organisation of the worldwide Caritas Internationalis Confederation with a priority for emergency humanitarian response to any crisis that requires consolidated efforts at the international level. Those wishing to support the cause can do so by contacting Mavis Tito on: Phone: 3259577 or email:

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