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Tribes sign MOU to cease conflict in Kandep

By Nigel-Francis Mado of Haus Bung (originally published on January 30, 2024).

Four warring factions in the Kandep District, Enga Province recently signed a Memorandum of Understanding to cease all fighting in the district following the issuance of a court order in a ceremony facilitated by Caritas PNG.

Tamu, Ipain Mago and the Yanian tribes have now layed down arms in a bold move to cease hostilities, that for a number of years brought nothing but pain and suffering to the people of Kandep.

The ceremony was witnessed by esteemed individuals including the Auxiliary Bishop of the Catholic Diocese of Wabag and Bishop Deputy of Caritas PNG, Rev. Bp. Justin Ain Soongie; Kandep District Administrator, Mr. Henry Apakali; Provincial Law and Order Director, Mr. Nelson Leia.

Representatives of Caritas in the Catholic Diocese of Wabag who initiated the peace mediation through various trainings and awareness were also present to witness the occasion.

During the event, Bishop Justin delivered a heartfelt appeal to the warring tribes urging them to abandon their tribalistic tendencies and work towards building a peaceful and harmonious community.

Recognizing the efforts and commitment of Caritas Enga, Mr. Apakali extended his gratitude for their unwavering dedication and valuable time invested in resolving these long-standing tribal conflicts.

Addressing the gathering, Mr. Nelson Leia, emphasized the importance of adhering to the MoU.

He warned both parties about the potential consequences of the terms stipulated if the MoU were violated.

The momentous event marked a significant turning point in the Upper Wage constituency of the Kandep District, instilling optimism and paving the way for a brighter future.

As the community embarks on this path of unity and reconciliation, it is hoped that the scars of past conflicts will heal, fostering mutual understanding and collaboration among the once-divided tribes.

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