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Wabag dioceses conducts anti-sorcery training

By Mal Taime of Post Courier (originally published on March 7, 2023).

THE Catholic Archdioceses of Wabag, Enga Province, is conducting voluntary sorcery accusation related violence (SARV) training to educate people to change their attitude and live peacefully.

The diocese conducted the training in partnership with the Caritas team in Wabag and Caritas PNG at Londor village in Kompiam-Ambum district.

Participants include ward members, village court officials, youths, community leaders, police, health workers, representatives from other denominations and legal officers.

Archbishop Justin Ain Soongie said most of the people still believe in sorcery related accusations and not aware of heart and lifestyle disease. Bishop Soongie said Enga Province had reported more sorcery related killings because the people believe strongly in sorcery.

He said the Archdiocese had seen that this was a big issue in the province and drafted a five-year plan to conduct voluntary training on the importance of SARV.

Bishop Soongie said the training is targeting youths that were engaged in producing home-brew and marijuana.

He said they initiated the idea last year and is this was the first training conducted.

Bishop Soongie said after undergoing the training they would value their lives.

He said the sorcery related killing occurred in Enga in 2019 and they looked after the victims but saw that the perpetrators were still moving around freely.

Bishop Soongie said there is a law to protect the mothers and children but this was not enforced therefore they conducted the training to change the young population so that they would also become law abiders.

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